Seasons Greetings!

Season's greetings from up here at Pekablu!

During this time of year customers are looking for the best deals. Here at Pekablu we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most fordable prices for unique and stylish children's clothing.

So parents what are you dressing your children in? Are you allowing them to express their indiviual style? I remember when my daughter was six and was absolutely obsessed for lack of a better word with break dancing, boys clothes, and mowhawks.  Oh how frustrated I would be when I wanted to put her in frills and tutus and she'd rather wear camo shorts with a baseball cap.  Finally I just kinda had a whoa! Moment.  Why stress her and myself by trying to force her to wear things she absolutely hates.  Let her expess her own style, get her mowhawk 😔😣 it's just hair. 

So my spunky little miss got a hair cut, and shared clothes with her brother. She is so girly in her own special way and I love every minute. 

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